R.R. Riesz 1937Wheatstone's version of Von Kempelen's Machine

The Art of Voice Synthesis

symposium, expert meeting, workshop & concert

, Amsterdam

Video recordings of the lectures and concert:

University of Amsterdam, 11 May 2016

Welcome & introduction – Julia Kursell & Hannah Bosma:

The history of voice synthesis – Fabian Brackhane:

The artificial voice as a scientific object – Julia Kursell,
with a demonstration of the old ’klinkersirene’ (’vowel siren’) of the Institute of Phonetic Sciences (UvA) by Paul Boersma, Professor of Phonetic Sciences at the University of Amsterdam

Models of the voice and the voice as model in electroacoustic music – Bruno Bossis:

Orgelpark Colloquium, 11 May 2016

Vox Humana – Hans Fidom:

Speech synthesis and organ technology – Fabian Brackhane:

Kempelen's speaking machine: demonstration of a replica – Fabian Brackhane:

Research by practical mechanics of the mouth – Jaap Blonk:

Martin Riches: demonstration of his Talking Machine, MotorMouth and Singing Machine

Orgelpark concert, 11 May 2016

Concert part one:

Intermezzi: organ improvisations by Guus Janssen, with Jaap Blonk
* Ute Wassermann – Organ Pipe Chitter (new work), for voice, small organ pipes & bird whistles
* Martin Riches – The Singing Machine with an extract from hitonokiesari – people vanish (2013) by Masahiro Miwa & Sadakazu Fujii
* Ute Wassermann & Martin Riches – Pneuma (new work), for voice and Talking Machine

Concert part two:

* Michael Edgerton – The Elements of Risk in Creation (2001), an electronic composition with optional voice
* Nicolas d’ Alessandro – Lost in Layers (new work), for soprano and tenor HandSketch instruments
* Nicolas d’ Alessandro – Demonstration and explanation of his synthetic voice instruments
* Nicolas d’ Alessandro, Ute Wassermann, Michael Edgerton – Improvisation
Intermezzi: organ improvisations by Guus Janssen

University of Amsterdam, 12 May 2016

Expanding the voice, lecture-workshop by Ute Wassermann:

Controlled use of nonlinear phenomena in contemporary vocal music – Michael Edgerton:

Digital voice synthesis: how to model the grain of the voice – Peter Pabon:

Concatenative speech synthesis: Playing the imitation game – Arthur Dirksen:

Get objects to talk and sing: Creating and controlling artificial voice – Nicolas d’Alessandro: